Wednesday, December 30, 2009

St Joan...

Joan of Arc was burnt alive. Absolutely toasted…

Did she hear the voice of God?
Was she a gross sinner?
A heretic?
Could she do math?
Was she a witch?

No… she was burnt alive for being a cross-dresser and a general pain in the ass to the "State"… not her own "State" either... some one else's. Joan was French but it was the English who toasted her.

So yeah… what does it that mean? Things are not all that different today... the "State" is getting irrationally in the way...

Where are we going?
How are we going to get there?

Fact is though that we are not all going to arrive… which leads to the question – does it matter to you if we do not all arrive?

It is really just this simple

2009 is closing and some antique ideas persist...

I am so tired of the whole “Feminist” debate over who is or can be a feminist… so here it is set out simply…

True or False?

Women are equal human beings to men and entitled to equal opportunity, equal respect, and equal remuneration.

If you say True you are a feminist…
Men can be feminists…
your gender does not matter.

If you say False then you are a misogynist…
and again your gender does not matter…
women can be misogynists.

The rest of the blather is just cheap excuses.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I don’t like “resolutions”… it is impossible for me to trust in that sort of change… to wake up and suddenly be different… I can’t trust that… deeds count; words don’t… the act makes the fact.

“Resolutions” are a fairy tale’s promise… to be suddenly richer… to be suddenly wiser… to be suddenly beautiful… all at a word… it’s a magic spell without the discipline of learning how to do it.

It does not take a “resolution” to quit smoking or cheating or whatever you are after… look, if the fairy tale witch made a resolution to quit poisoning apples would you take the fruit? Could you believe that much over words?

You want to change and be a better person… that’s fine… a worthy goal... I got no problem with that... just don’t announce it before you do it... there are enough broke promises already.